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What a great idea!!! I’ve gotta make one!

Dog Car Seat Cover Graphic

Recently I began taking my dog to many places around town. Dog park, visiting friends, and agility training classes left the back of my car a hairy mess! While I wanted to keep my car cleaner, I also wanted my dog to be comfortable on the ride and to be safer. I then began searching for car seat covers. Many of them, costing upwards for $100, got pretty bad reviews. I figured I could make one myself for a lot less. Depending on the cost of the materials you find, you can make this car seat cover for $30 or less. The hammock style will help prevent your dog falling into the floor if there is a sudden stop. It may also help keep them in the back of the car! I’m always thrilled to see your finished car seat cover! Feel free to send me photos of your work!

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